Maskella Nero

Maskella Nero

  • Sleek design
  • Full protection
  • Comfort guaranteed


Adult reusable and washable face mask

With face masks compulsory in many places across the world, Maskella™ has developed a mask to top all others. 

Our super comfortable cotton masks feature specially designed ear loops that will keep your mask secure without hurting your ears. 

The sleek design ensures the Maskella™ face mask will compliment your outfit, not overpower it, like many of the abstract designs do.

The Maskella™ face mask will minimise the risk of coming into contact with virus droplets from others, while also keeping your chance of passing the virus on limited. 

  • This face mask is not surgical grade or a medical device
  • Wash immediately after use
  • Do not exceed 40º when washing
  • 1 x adult face mask
  • 00cm x 00cm
  • Material: Cotton 
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